11 December

New website, new offer. What a digital agency should be in 2016.

After 3 years designing website for various businesses, it was time for a checkup. We have been improving our design process over time, our technology is always up-to-date, but what about the websites we created one or two years ago ?

We have been providing training and support so our customers all know how to make changes to their website, manage a blog part, aso. But what we found is that most of them hadn’t change anything, neither update information since the last time we met.

Websites have been used as companies business card for too long.

The real power of the internet is the capacity we now have to reach people and bind with them at a fraction of a traditional advertising campaign cost. And even more, we now have access to a lot of data about our audience that can be leverage to improve the efficiency of our marketing campaigns.

But there is a difficulty. It has become quite complex to understand and use all the tools at our disposal: blogging social medias, inbound marketing, ads campaigns, aso.

How to solve that?

First of all, managing your digital marketing is a continuous process. So we decided to meet our customers at least once a month to analyze the results and adapt the strategy.

Then as every marketing strategy needs different types of skills, we designed packages that gives access to all the necessary skills involved. Design, content creation, community management, facebook and google advertising, and much more… It is all included.

And finally, as we believe that information should be free, we will post about inbound marketing techniques and tips on this very new blog. So keep in touch.


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